Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


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Submitted By: edgarSubmitted: 1/4/2015
Just need some assistance.. Am looking for any information on a gentleman that once lived in your town or a surrounding area. All I remember is he was called " Dad " Harper. Please ask the seniors you know,if they have ever heard of him,or know what his name. Please

Submitted By: d boldenSubmitted: 4/13/2015
It's a shame that the flags at the new sports complex are not properly flown. I'm sure that they were raised with enthusiasm on Saturday (4/11/15), but why are they still up during this wind & rain today (4/13/15)?? They must not have been taken down at the end of activities. Just another example of a lack of pride and responsibility.

Submitted By: A Paramedic who wanted to help youSubmitted: 4/20/2016
To the Citizens of Sundown.. I am so sorry for the loss of your townsman today. I applied a few months ago for a position with your EMS. When I found out that your City does not bill for EMS Service,I was astounded. As I have been in EMS for many years, I was told by the City Manager that It was not needed, I thought it to be strange. Now you have lost a citizen due to the inability to fund a needed service. But the golf course is still funded ? Why? Are you charging an entrance fee ? The city fathers and all concerned need to take a hard look at the liability which the city just incurred. It shows very poor judgement on the part of the city. If you were going to close a service, shutter the doors on the Police Department and contract with the SO. It is a huge savings the city needs. I would get a petition going go to Lubbock TV News Stations Raise Hell. This to me is unacceptable and irresponsible. And you wonder why you can get quality people to work in your town. Look at the management of your community. You might find answers in that arena.

Submitted By: JanSubmitted: 4/30/2016
Why doesn't the Levelland Utility system allow us to opt out of paper bills and receive e-bills like every other utility service in town? It seems that this would be a more efficient and cheaper billing method for those that desire it.

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