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Metal marker installed for Coble Land School

Memories of yesteryear were revisited Thursday afternoon when a metal sign marking the location of the Coble Land School was erected on the north side of State Highway 114 about nine miles west of Levelland.

The metal sign says, ‘Coble Land School 1925-1935.’ There are no plans to seek a state historical marker. The simple metal sign, created by South Plains College welding students, will be sufficient, agree cousins Cherolyne Hendon of Morton and Sycily Lattimore of Levelland.

The two are the reason the sign was created and erected on land that once belonged to their ancestors.

Ms. Hendon told the small audience, most of which were also descendants of the original land owners, that James R. Roberts bought the entire block of Hardeman County School Land, which consisted of 17,700 acres, from the International Trading Company on Sept. 25, 1916.

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