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Legislative session brings thousands of new bills

The recent end of the regular session of the 83rd Texas Legislature means that millions of Texans will be affected by various bills in the years to come.

The sheer number of bills that were proposed, rejected and adopted is staggering.

According to the state, 10,630 bills and resolutions were introduced in the 140-day session.

 Of that number, 5,909 passed while 26 were vetoed by Gov. Rick Perry.

In the 82nd Legislature, in 2011, 10,315 bills were introduced. A total of 5,526 passed while 24 were vetoed.

Some local officials are waiting to attend post-legislative conferences before they can assess the impact of bills on Hockley County.

County Clerk Irene Gumula said she doesn’t foresee any major impact on the county.

‘There’s not anything right now that is going to be a deal breaker,’ Gumula said.

She expects to learn a lot more next month while attending a legislative conference.

Police Chief Toney Cowan said he also does not see any major, local impact from the deluge of bills.

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