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Lobo Lanes to reopen in August with new theme

Lobo Lanes is coming back with a few twists.

Unused for at least seven years, the once popular bowling lane is undergoing a facelift and refurbishing by local businessman Willie B. Jones.

The decades-old building off Austin Street will offer more than bowling.

Jones plans to operate it on a Thursday through Sunday schedule. The new proprietor  intends to reach out to school children and not just bowlers.

It will open at 3 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, giving students a place to go after school ends.

‘I want to open  at 3, so that by the time kids get out of school, they’ll already have some  place to go,’ he said. ‘It will be a place for kids to hang out.’

Dancing and bowling will be the two main activities.

Kids who come to Lobo Lanes can pay $5 to get in. That entitles them to bowl one game and then dance as long as they like.

Jones is  remodeling the northeast corner  of the building to make it a dance area. A wall will be built to close off that area. A deejay’s booth will be installed for the operator to play CDs while kids dance. Part of the area will be the dance floor, with the rest of it being set up so that kids can sit and visit. The actual dance floor is as large as the floor at the former Boots & Saddles off Texas 114.

He plans to reserve Lobo Lanes for certain groups of students each Friday during the month.

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