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U.S. Army veterans recognized for service

U.S.Army veteran Lonzo Scoggins got his ‘pin’ this past week.

An  American flag lapel pin, along with a certificate of appreciation, were presented to him at Lynwood Nursing  by employees with Interim Hospice.

‘We want to thank you for your service to our nation and thank you for the sacrifices you made and your willingness to serve our country, said Robert Dupont, volunteer recruitment coordinator with Interim. ‘You endured hardships and you were willing to risk your life in maintaining our freedom.’

Scoggins, now 90, entered the Army in 1944 and took his basic training in North Carolina. He was then shipped overseas and served as a gunner on a Sherman tank in the European theater.

While his memories of World War II have faded, he still holds on to one observation: war is a terrible thing.

‘I don’t know,’ Scoggins said. ‘I think all wars are uncalled for.’

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