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Golf cart give police additional capabilities

The old adage that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ may be true in most cases.

But in the case of a convicted drug dealer, it is the criminal who is paying and the City of Levelland that is benefitting.

Bobby Froman, who is serving 20 years in a federal prison for  his role in a methamphetamine distribution ring, is also paying  hundreds of thousands of dollars to authorities in a 10-year period from oil leases that he owns.

The Levelland Police Department has already received about $30,000 from those leases, and the funds can be used for equipment and training.

The LPD recently used $9,000 to buy something new -a golf cart.

And while a top speed of 25 mph limits the vehicle to certain uses, the battery-powered golf cart could be used for numerous other purposes, said Police Chief Toney Cowan.

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