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New superintendent sees bright future for Sundown

The Sundown Independent School District will continue to challenge students to achieve their very best, says Superintendent Scott Marshall.

Marshall, who became superintendent this month, said the philosophy of loving kids and working them hard – as touted by his predecessor – will continue.

‘That is the philosophy this district has adopted and embraced,’ he said.

It has succeeded, he said, because of the buy-in by the community over the years.

Sundown and its school system are what attracted Marshall to the district.

He was employed in a teacher preparation program at Lubbock Christian University when a friend told him about a job opening in Sundown.

‘I knew this was a special place,’ he said. ‘I did my homework, I knew this was the kind of place that I would like to raise a family.’

He and his wife, Elise, talked it over and he applied for the position of elementary school principal. Marshall was hired and started working there in the 1997-1998 school year.

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