Council reviews requests during budget workshop

A large increase in proposed spending for the Levelland Fire Department in 2013-2014 prompted an in-depth discussion Monday night by the city council.

Fire Chief Otis Stark said he is asking the council to fund $245,000 for a new brush truck.

The new vehicle would hold  1,200 gallons of water, or three times the amount of the current truck.

It would have four-wheel drive and features that would reduce fatigue for firefighters.

Stark said the current brush truck would be a reserve vehicle that could pull a structural collapse trailer.

He asked the council to also fund about $49,000 for a new four-door pickup truck. It would replace a Tahoe with 90,000 miles on it.

Mayor Waymon Jackson said he opposed buying the pickup.

‘We’ve got too many vehicles,’ Jackson said. ‘I don’t think it needs to be replaced.’

‘Whatever y’all decide,’ Stark said.

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