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Local high school seniors share story of mission trip

Germany is a beautiful modern country with lots to do and see.

But it is also a nation where many of its people pay little attention to church and religion.

That, at least, is the impression that three young women from Hockley County discovered this summer.

Levelland High School seniors Sydney Shakespeare and Brooke Durham, joined by Anton High School student Emily Buchanan, traveled to Germany in late June for a two-week mission trip.

What they found proved both inspiring and worrisome.

The three Christians flew to Amsterdam and then traveled to Hamburg after each one raised $3,000 for the trip.

The girls sold T-shirts and mailed letters seeking love donations under the auspices of their church, Heights Fellowship of Lubbock.

They were part of a group of 10 young women and four men who journeyed to Germany.

They were hosted by a family who put them up in a four-story tall duplex.

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