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LISD board says yes to new stadium site

The school board abandoned its renovation of Lobo Stadium on Thursday and agreed to build a new stadium by the Middle School.

Trustees took that action after hearing an extensive discussion about a flood zone.

Last week, the district was advised that the stadium lies in a 100-year flood plain.

That forced the district to re-examine its plans for undertaking a $7.3 million renovation of the stadium, its grounds and other buildings.

Staying with the original renovation plan could be even more costly, said Mike Baker, an employee with Parkhill Smith & Cooper.

It could force the district to dig a lake to balance run-off in times of heavy flooding, Baker said. He added that the district would have to raise the floor of buildings to avoid water.

The stadium is in the northeast corner of the flood zone and Lobo Lake is where all water flows to in times of heavy rainfall.

Pumping capacity at the lake would be insufficient to prevent water from getting into the stadium grounds in the case of a ‘100-year event,’ Baker said.

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