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Austin McCasland the big winner in Week No. 4 Contest

Week four of the News-Press football contest was a good week for most entries.

Austin McCasland, Joli Dockery, and Jordan Boggs all went 18-2 this week and tied for first place.
The tie-breaker was the combined score of Levelland’s five overtime victory over Brownfield which was 74 points, the combined score of the Lobo’s epic win over the Cubs.

McCasland took first place prize of $25 with a tie-breaker guess of 50 points
Dockery and Boggs each guessed 45 points, so the second and third place prize will be combined and each will receive $12.50.

This week, in the high school picks, the game that caught many by surprise was the Whiteface loss to Dawson.

Also, the Lubbock Estacado win over Snyder was a game that many missed.

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