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Family medicine physician retiring after 34 years here

Alfred W. Tan followed an at times arduous road in becoming a skilled physician.

On Tuesday, after working  34 years as a family medicine doctor in Levelland, Dr.Tan will put down his stethoscope for the last time.

One of six children, he was only six years old when Japanese soldiers invaded his homeland of Indonesia in 1942.

‘It was terrible,’ Tan said of the Japanese occupation. ‘There was not enough food.’

His father was a bank employee and the family survived by raising chickens and growing gardens.

An older brother attended medical school and he influenced Tan, who decided to become a doctor.

Tan first had to graduate from high school, which was a Catholic school taught by Dutch priests. 

The school was for boys only.

One of the requirements the young Indonesians had to meet was to learn three foreign languages.

They studied French, German and English.

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