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Rep. King reviews legislative sessions

Texas Representative Ken King reviewed his accomplishments as a freshman legislator at the Levelland City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

He told a small group of constituents that the 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature included extensive debate on education, tax relief, water and a wide range of other issues.

As a freshman, he was surprised at the exhaustive steps that go into passing a bill and the fact that he got to go through the regular session and three special sessions his first term in office.

‘Everything I knew about the process was not all correct,’ he said, explaining the steps that have to occur getting a bill to the floor for a vote.

‘Once you get a bill to a vote, 119 other members have the opportunity to kill your bill,’ he continued. 

King filed 11 bills and two resolutions. Some of his bills and one resolution were passed.

‘I had a lot of help from my staff,’ he said. He also credited Senators Robert Duncan and Kel Seliger with providing invaluable help and support.

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