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Ropesville hosts dedication at historic cemetery

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday marked a new chapter for the Ropesville Cemetery and a wistful look at the past.

Pete Pettiet thanked all of the volunteers and supporters who donated time and money for an open air pavilion and a storage building that were erected at the cemetery a mile west of Ropesville.

‘There were a lot of people involved,’ Pettiet said. ‘You need to read the history; there’s a lot of history here. This couldn’t have been done without the Hockley County Historical Commission.’
He said the new pavilion will make it very convenient for people who attend funerals.

John Hope said the Texas Historic Cemetery recognition that the state gave the cemetery last year was ‘a proud thing’ for the community.

Hope said the countryside around Ropesville was a quiet place in the waning days of the 19th century.

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