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Clif Shaw wins contest by breaking 3-way tie

With one week left to play in the Levelland News-Press football contest, the race for the top two spots are in full gear.

Players must have played every week of the contest to be eligible for the season grand prize of $100 for first place and $25 for the reserve grand prize.

In week 11 of the football contest, three players tied for the top spot by all going 16-4.

Clif Shaw, Kavin Comer and Carrie Kimbrell all finished 16-4.

The tie-breaker of 54 points, the combined score of Levelland’s loss to Shallowater was used to determine first, second and third.

Shaw had a guess of 41 points for first, Comer had a guess of 36 points for second and Kimbrell took third by default after forgetting to make a guess on the tie-breaker.

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