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Experts detail advances, challenges in agriculture

Growers and landowners learned about herbicide resistance, fighting insects and more Thursday when the West Plains Ag Conference was held here.

Producers may be encountering more weeds because they’re not using their herbicides like they used to, said Dr. Peter Dotray, a weed specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas Tech University.

‘We have lots of non-treated zones,’ Dotray said. ‘Let’s not rely solely on Roundup. Our management strategies now have to change.’

Growers can ignore one weed but that one plant can produce 5,000 seeds, he said.

Different herbicides have ‘ranges’ of applications that growers can use when applying them.

Producers have to consider their neighbors when applying herbicides, said Kerry Siders, integrated pest management agent with the AgriLife Extension Service in Levelland.

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