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Sundown orders liquor election

The Sundown City Council on Tuesday ordered a special election for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The special election will be held May 10, in conjunction with the regular municipal election.

Council members ordered it  after learning that a petition drive calling for an election had obtained 82 signatures.

To order  the election, the petition had to be signed by at least 76 registered voters.

The petition drive, which started in October, was coordinated by Felice Carter.

‘I have a good feeling this time,’ Carter said of the issue’s potential for passage.

If approved by voters, alcoholic beverages would be sold for off-premises consumption only.

The issue does not provide for the sale of alcohol at bars or clubs.

Sundown voters turned down a local option issue in November 2010. It was defeated by a margin of 179 votes for and 155 against.

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