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Fire damages Sundown home

HEAVY DAMAGES – The Joe Richardson home at 520 Collins Avenue in Sundown was heavily damaged by a fire Saturday afternoon. Richardson was cleaning up around his property and burning weeds and tumbleweeds in the outdoor fireplace in his back yard when the fire spread into the attic and home. Sundown firemen were assisted by Levelland firemen in fighting the fire. This photo was snapped from the back gate of the home and shows the damages to the back porch and roof. The family will be out of the h

The Joe Richardson family will be out of their home for six to nine months as a result of a devastating fire Saturday afternoon in Sundown.

The home is located at 520 Collins Avenue on the west side of Sundown.

The fire began in an outdoor fireplace as Richardson was burning tumbleweeds which had accumulated against his back fence.

Richardson says the family had successfully used the outdoor fireplace several times in the past and had even gone to bed with embers still glowing in it.

The fire spread through the attic and the back room. It burned through the roof. The entire home experienced smoke damage.

‘Everything in the back room is all gone,’ said Richardson.

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