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Growers expected to plant more cotton this year

U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 11.26 million acres of cotton this spring, up 8.2 percent from 2013, according to the National Cotton Council’s 31st Annual Early Season Planting Intentions survey.

However, growers in Texas could face an uphill struggle unless they receive substantial moisture in the coming months.

Upland cotton intentions are 11.04 million acres, up 8.1 percent from 2013, while extra-long staple intentions of 225,000 acres represent an 11.8 percent increase.

Dr. Gary Adams, the NCC’s vice president Economics & Policy Analysis, said, ‘Planted acreage is just one of the factors that will determine supplies of cotton and cottonseed. Ultimately, weather, insect pressures, and agronomic conditions play a significant role in determining crop size.’

Adams said that with expected abandonment for the United States at roughly 15 percent, Cotton Belt harvested area totals 9.59 million acres.

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