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Great Texas Round-Up now in effect

Local residents who have outstanding warrants now have a reason to pay them.

The 2014 Great Texas Warrant Round-Up is now in effect in Levelland and the rest of the state.

More than 300 participating agencies are involved in the round-up, which will continue for an unspecified length of time.

‘We are sending notices to remind people that they have outstanding warrants,’ said Municipal Judge Norma Garza. ‘We are doing this to take care of  outstanding tickets that people have not taken care of.’

Those people who ignore the warrants do so at their own peril.

A person who has an outstanding warrant could be arrested at their workplace. If they are stopped while driving and found to have a warrant, their vehicle could be impounded, Garza said.

Scofflaws also face the expense of having to bond out of jail.

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