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Council OKs position for Inspection Department

The city council approved a new position and passed an ordinance granting Atmos Energy higher rates Monday.

City Manager Rick Osburn said Levelland is ‘about average’ in the region for cities that employ people for inspections.

‘We took a look at hiring someone,’ Osburn said. ‘If we can find the right person, it wouldn’t be that much more expensive.

The city has been spending about $15,000 a year for contract mowing in the last four years,  but it is sometimes difficult to find an outside mower on short notice, he said.

Osburn said he and city staffers had looked at two positions: one for another code officer, and the other for a plumbing inspector.

The code officer could do most of the mowing that is required of property owners who let weeds get too tall.

After subtracting the costs of seasonal workers and contract mowing, the net cost increase to the city of hiring a code inspector would be about $17,500 a year.

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