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Housing shortage remains issue for city

While the local unemployment rate continues to decline, available housing in Levelland remains in short supply.

‘It’s still a tight market. There’s not much to rent,’ said Todd Paxton, a broker with Coldwell Banker Paxton Real Estate.

Buyers do not have many new or existing homes to choose from either.

A multiple listings for Levelland shows there are 51 homes for sale in Levelland. Of that number, 18 are under contract to be sold.

The remaining 33 fall into the following price ranges:

 Under $50,000 – two.

* Under $100,000 – 14.

* Between $100,000 and $200,000 – 12.

* Over $200,000 – five.

The 51 homes for sale are perhaps half the number that might have been on the market 5-10 years ago, Paxton said.

‘In my opinion, we’re at 50 percent of our inventory,’ he said, adding that the numbers do not reflect those people who are trying to sell a home on their own.

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