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Report shows voter participation rates lag

The low voter turnout in  recent elections shows that local residents can do a better job of going to the polls.

A presentation titled ‘Let’s Vote Levelland’ that is making the rounds in the city makes just that point.

In the 2013 city election in Levelland, 3,411 people were registered voters in Districts B and D.

Of that number, 506 – or 14.83 percent – went to the polls, said Levelland City Secretary Beth Walls.

‘I want you to be appalled by these,’ Walls recently told a group called the Young Professionals.

Voters between the ages of 64 and 73 had the greatest turnout; 27.75 percent of them went to the polls.

People between the ages of 24 and 33 had the lowest turnout. Only 3.16 percent of them bothered to vote.

Even the most elderly voters – those between the ages of 84 and 93 – out voted younger ones  by a significant margin.

In that age group, 22.6 percent voted in the May 2013 election.

‘We need the younger people to get their voting done,’ Walls said.

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