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Census shows increase in county’s population

Hockley County’s population  has grown since the U.S. Census  was released in 2010.
Strong growth in the energy  sector is being credited for much of the increase.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released figures showing that the county had an estimated population of 23,530 in July 2013.

That number was up 2.6 percent from 22,935 people in April 2010.

‘We continue to see strong growth in the oilfield sector, and we’re seeing an influx of workers into the county,’ said Shawn Kirkpatrick, director of economic development with the Levelland Economic Development Corporation.

The increase in numbers ties in with the demand for housing here, Kirkpatrick said.

‘We’re seeing strong demand for housing,’ he said. ‘We continue to see growth in local housing construction, in new family and multi-family, which is good for the county.’

Levelland and Sundown are  probably benefitting the most.

‘My general consensus is they’re moving to Levelland and Sundown,’ Kirkpatrick said. ‘They are the biggest beneficiaries.’

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