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Residents reflect on Fourth of July

Local residents paused this week to share their thoughts on the Fourth of July and what it means to them.

Levelland resident Steven Brantley said the holiday is a “representation of our country” and what it means to be free.

Brantley said he and friends will probably have a cookout and enjoy time together on Friday. “We just cook out and have a good time with friends,” he said.

Jenny Maeker said Independence Day is a time to reflect on what it means to be free. 

“The Fourth of July means celebrating independence,” Maeker said.

She said she is concerned that her age group – and those younger – don’t seem to have much of a sense of patriotism. “The sense of patriotism has died,” Maeker said. She said she will be busy working at a fireworks stand Friday in Levelland. The stand is a fund-raiser for a youth group at her church, St. Michael’s Catholic Church. 

“This Fourth of July I’ll be pretty busy with the stand,” she said. “I usually enjoy sitting and watching fireworks.”

Siemon Mendez said Independence Day is a time to spend with the family and remember the men who made this country possible. 

“It means celebrating Independence Day with the family and having a cookout,” Mendez said. 

“It’s remembering those that started this country and gave us the freedom to live as we do.”

The Levelland man said one of his daughters and her two children will enjoy time at his home Friday. Later, he added, they will probably go outside the city limits and enjoy some fireworks.

Andy Finsterwald said Friday will be a time to get together with friends, cook food, “hang out and enjoy the day.”

“I’m just getting together with friends and cooking out,” Finsterwald said.

Miranda Rodriguez said the Fourth is her favorite holiday of the year. “I like the fact that the weather stays good,” 

Rodriguez said. “It’s the perfect month.” The Levelland woman said she will spend time with friends when she gets off from work late Friday afternoon. 

“I usually hang out with my friends,” she said, adding that she will probably shoot off some fireworks in the evening.

Landon Schulle said he plans to enjoy time off from work Friday and spend it with friends and family. 

“I’ll probably cook out and just be with the family” Schulle said.

Traditionally the holiday is a time to hang out with friends, shoot off fireworks and remember the “declaration” that made this country, he said.

“I’m sure I’ll go at the last minute and get some fireworks,” Schulle said. 

Sundown resident Adam Smith said Friday is a time to remember what the Founding Fathers did for this country.

“It’s a day to celebrate what’s been done for us already – our independence,” Smith said. 

“It’s basically a holiday celebrating America and what it stands for.”

He said he may or may not buy fireworks before the day ends.

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