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Intense thunderstorm damages homes, crops

Area residents were surprised by an extremely strong storm that dumped an estimated five inches of rain in places, produced hail, caused flooding and twisted limbs off of trees around 5 p.m. last Thursday.

The torrential rainfall and high winds hammered motorists on Highway 114 between Levelland and Smyer for about a half hour.

Rainfall in downtown Levelland was less than a tenth of of an inch, but measured two inches  along Cactus Drive and Hulon Moreland Road. Measurements to the east and northeast exceeded four and five inches in places.

The Kauffman Addition was assailed by wind and rain with trees being damaged and water rushing down streets. The water rushed over the Memorial Gardens Cemetery, covering it three to five inches deep.

Motorists were stalled out in places by high water.

The high water threatened homes in Country Estates as it ran out of surrounding fields.

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