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Scott Rombokas publishes first book

Scott Rombokas is the latest resident to join the growing list of residents to publish their own book.

Rombokas  book, Tune Time, is available through Amazon either electronically or as a hard copy. 

He explains that he did not set out to write his own book, which he describes as autobiographical fiction, started out as an exercise in disciplining himself to write and evolved into a publishing venture.

He says his daughter-in-law, who lives in Seattle, enrolled in an online class, Create Space, which challenged writers to write every day for a month. At the end of the month, they would have a 50,000 word novel with the winner claiming a couple of free copies of their work. 
Rombokas, a retired educator and painter, says he got to thinking, stopped painting and started writing.
‘Since you write what you know, I wrote a kind of memoir,’ he says, adding that he took the liberty to embellish as he went. As a result, his essays are autobiographical in many senses with some creative license.

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