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Former city resident produces first movie

Jeremy Snead was five years old when he began playing with his dad’s Atari game.

His fascination with video games and things visual stayed with Snead after he graduated from Levelland High School in 1995.

On Friday, his first film,  Video Games: The Movie, premiered in Lubbock and 37 other cities across the nation.

The path leading to the movie started 12 years ago when Snead moved to Dallas and started a film and video production company.

Some of his clients were video game companies.

‘I kind of lucked into this,’ Snead said. ‘I started shooting videos and promotions for a lot of game companies.’

Those contacts paid off when he started thinking seriously about the movie more than three years ago.

The president and creative director of Meadiajuice Studios Ltd. began sketching out the movie’s concept in 2012.

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