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Pay raise proposed for city employees

A proposed three percent pay raise for City of Levelland employees was aired Monday during a city council meeting.

However, Mayor Waymon Jackson suggested that the city consider a five percent raise for employees ‘on the bottom’ and a smaller percentage for those earning big salaries.

‘The people lower are paying the same thing for gasoline and milk’ as those on the top, Jackson said. ‘If we go three percent on the top, go with five percent on the bottom.’

City Manager Rick Osburn said he had proposed the three percent raise in order to be competitive.

Councilman Manuel Mendez Jr. agreed with the mayor’s view.

‘I’m in agreement with him. It’s tough out there,’ Mendez said. ‘It’s getting broader and broader. I’d like to see the numbers.’

Osburn said he would run the numbers to see how the raises would compare.

He took the council through a budget work session and a look at proposed expenditures and estimated revenues for 2014-15.

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