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Wind turbine project earns another review

The benefits of a wind turbine project to Hockley County were discussed in-depth  Monday by proponents and county commissioners.

If built in northeastern Hockley County, Red Raider LLC could generate  $50,000 a year in additional property tax revenue for the Smyer Independent School District.

‘It will help. We’re very excited about this,’ said Supt. Dane Kerns. ‘It would also increase our property values.’

The Smyer school board has already approved a ‘313 agreement’ in which Red Raider LLC would pay the school district a minimum of $50,000 a year for 10 years.
The project would involve erecting an estimated 40 turbines in Hockley County, with another seven or more being built in Lubbock County.

An estimated 100-150 full- and part-time employees would put up the turbines, and 6-8 employees would operate and maintain the facility, said Noah Hyte, project manager with NextEra Energy Resources.

Construction would start in May or June 2015 and end in November or December. The farm would be operational by January 2016.

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