SPC employees share dedication to students

South Plains College Regents learned that employees are generally satisfied with their jobs and supportive of the college’s organizational values and beliefs but would like higher pay when they met Thursday afternoon.

Stephen John, the college’s Vice-President for Institutional Advancement provided the board with an overview of SPC’s 2014 employee survey, which is conducted every two years.
He reported that 401 employees responded to the 2014 survey, two individuals fewer than the number of participants for the 2012 survey.
The results of the survey indicated that the current organizational climate is supportive of the college’s seven areas of commitment that comprise the college’s system of organizational values and beliefs, John reported.
Using a Power Point presentation, he summarized the  43-page report.
He reported that commitment to students, educational excellence and access and diversity remain positive factors about the college as seen by employees.
As in previous employee surveys, the college’s dedication to students emerged as the number one attributes employees do not want to see changed.
John also reported that the college’s friendly work environment that is characterized by supportive and cooperative co-workers and a sense of family continued to be highly valued by those working at the college.
The survey included 53 statements that employees were asked to agree with and rank on a scale of 1 to 5. Employees had high levels of agreement for 40 of the statements for an overall satisfaction rating of 75.5 percent, an improvement of 1.9 percent over the 2012 survey.
Among all respondents, the survey identified areas that employee feel are in need of continued improvement including:
–Greater cooperation and teamwork between departments and work groups.
–Improved rewards and recognition in the form of higher salaries.
–Better communication channels between departments and work groups.
–Greater involvement in the college’s planning and decision-making processes.
–Greater involvement in the allocation of budget resources.
John said that approximately 70 percent of the respondents also submitted written comments to one of more of the three comment prompts.
“In summary, SPC employees see South Plains College as a great place to work. Overwhelmingly, survey respondents believe they are contributing to the success of the college (90.0%), that co-worker are committed to helping students succeed (95.3%), and indicate they are proud to work at SPC ((92.5%). It is clear SPC employees are committed to working together to continue to make SPC a quality educational institution, while tackling the challenges that face the College,” John reported.

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