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Congressman Neugebauer addresses issues at forum

Meeting The Congressman – Students from Morton and Whiteface are pictures with U.S. Rep., Randy Neugebauer, who spoke with them and adults during a forum Wednesday in Morton. The congressman addressed some of the issues currently facing the country and took questions from students and other county residents

The Ebola virus, radical Islamic fighters and border security are among the pressing issues for this country, U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock, said Wednesday.

Neugebauer addressed those issues and other challenges during a forum at the Cochran County Senior Citizens Center in Morton.

The presence of the Ebola virus in this country is a serious issue, but it being handled effectively, said the lawmaker.

‘We’re monitoring four (major) airports. We are now screening people coming into this country,’ he said. ‘I think we are on top of it.’

The situation in Iraq and Syria in which ISIS fighters are killing and beheading people is ‘a mess and chaos.’

The United States invested a lot in Iraq to defend liberty and freedom, only to see, only to see people put down their arms after we left that country.

‘It’s not just a one-shot deal,’ he said. ‘We may have left too quickly.’

The situation in Iraq and Syria means that someone will have to eventually control the situation on the ground.

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