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Rhoads brothers bring in batch of cotton

Four brothers from the Ropesville area brought in the first cotton of the year in Hockley County last week.

The Rhoads brothers – Jay, Michael, Mark and Donald – stripped 120 acres of irrigated cotton Oct. 16 off Lovebird Road.

‘I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know it was the first bale,’ said Jay Rhoads. ‘I figured somebody else already had one.’

Ropes Farmers Co-op Gin made 383 bales of fiber on the brothers’ cotton, said gin manager Brian Lehrmann.

The siblings planted the cotton on May 12, using Fibermax 1740 seed.

Jay Rhoads estimated that they applied 12 inches of water with drip irrigation to the field this growing season.

The brothers defoliated the field about 10 days before harvesting it.

‘We had to replant quite a bit. Planting season was tough,’ Jay said. ‘We had a cold wet spell that delayed planting for quite a bit.’

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