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Car slams into house; drivers flees scene

DAMAGED HOME – The Avenue C home of Russell Arp was damaged early Sunday morning when the driver of a car struck it and then left the scene. The force of the impact destroyed a wooden deck and moved the house about six feet. Arp was knocked out of his bed and suffered injuries from broken glass and a nail. Police are looking for the driver of the car. (Submitted photo)

Russell Arp got an unwanted surprise Sunday morning.

The Levelland man was asleep in his Avenue C home when a loud noise woke him.

‘I thought it was a bomb,’ Arp said.

He made his way to the front of his 40-foot long trailer, opened the door and saw a that a silver Mustang had crashed into the wood decking that served as a porch.

‘I pulled the door open and there was the Mustang right there. I had the porch light on and I’m hollering,’ he said. ‘He starts backing up and I fall down.’

Arp cut one of his elbows when he fell on some broken glass. When he got up and walked outside, a nail from the broken deck caught him in one leg.

A neighbor asked him for the keys to his pickup truck and Arp obliged.  The other man tried to follow the car but was unable to catch him and get the tag number.

A loud party had been going on at the time less than a block south of the victim’s house.

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