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Commissioners review options for renovation

County commissioners heard a plea Monday to keep an office on the first floor of a building instead of the second floor.

Jim Rankin, the county veterans officer, asked commissioners not to move his office to the second floor of a building at 624 Ave. H.

The county is having the building remodeled and plans to move the Tax Office and other agencies into it.

Drawings of the project have Rankin’s office on the first floor, but Commissioner Larry Carter stated at a meeting last month that he favored moving the voter registration office from the second to the first floor.

Rankin said military veterans are a ‘special group of people,’ adding that some are in wheelchairs and walkers and have difficulty getting around.

Some veterans would have difficulty coming through the building and accessing the second floor through an elevator. He said many of them cannot climb steps or negotiate ramps easily.

He urged the Court to give veterans an office that they can easily access and have privacy.

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