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David Hatter earns wins in weekly

Two contestants, Tom Wilson and David Hatter, scored 18-2 in the weekly football contest with the tie-breaker deciding who got first and second.

David Hatter claimed first place and $25 with a tie-breaker guess of 90. The tie-breaker was the combined scores of the Whitharral vs. Wellman-Union game, which was 165. 

Second place and $15 went to Tom Wilson, whose tie-breaker was 88.

Third place and $10 went to Margaret Gleason, who had a 16-4 score and guessed the tie-breaker to be 115.

Also having 16-4 scores and their tie-breakers were: Bob Odell, 75; Tony Hopp, 55; Sylvia Joos, 77; David Joos, 82; John Hodges, 80; Kylie Boggs, 80; Lionel Gleason, 99; Malcom Comer, 80; Andersen Gruhlkey, 92; Sergio Cardiel, 75; Melanie Gruhlkey, 68; Diana Overton, 73; and Jerry D. Gleason, 109.

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