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Rep. Ken King outlines 2015 legislative sesison

Water, education and transportation will dominate the Texas Legislature when it convenes in January, state Rep. Ken King, R-Canadian, said Tuesday.

King, the keynote speaker at the LEDC appreciation luncheon,  said he does not expect a big play for West Texas’ water in the future.

‘It’s not going to happen, them getting our water,’ he said.

Building a pipeline from West Texas to Dallas and other cities to the east would be too expensive.

It would make more sense to desalinize water and mine for water in some of the lesser known aquifers in the state, King said.

Proposition 1, which voters approved this month, will allocate $1-1.7 billion a year to address transportation needs in Texas.

However, 80,000 people are moving to Texas each month and its infrastructure is ‘busting at the seams.’

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