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City seeks land for fire station

Levelland City Manager Rick Osburn was authorized Monday to meet with county officials on land they own that could be the site of a new fire station.

Hockley County owns about two blocks of property that is the site of the former junior high school.

Osburn said he would meet with county officials about the possibility of their donating the land to the city for a fire station.

The city’s current fire station, which is just southwest of the county property, was built in 1960. Additions have been made over the years.

The proposed site would be ideal, said Fire Chief Otis Stark.

‘It would be a great place to put one,’ Stark said
County Judge Larry Sprowls said commissioners were surprised to learn earlier this year that they owned the property.

Sprowls said the idea of donating the land has yet to be discussed by commissioners.

Osburn said the city would not need all of the two blocks for a new station, adding that the rest of the property might be used for other purposes.

He gave no timetable on when the city might start the process of building and paying for a new station.

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