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Anton man indicted for murder in stabbing

Anton resident Cristobal Resendez, 25, was indicted for murder Thursday for the stabbing death of his brother-in-law.

The defendant was charged with stabbing 27-year-old Kevin Alcerro-Funez Sept. 27 at the victim’s apartment in Anton.

An investigation conducted by the Texas Rangers gave the grand jury in-depth information on the events leading to the fatal stabbing.

Michelle Lee Resendez, who lived with the victim, told Rangers that she, Alcerro-Funez and Cecilia Resendez had gone to a bar in Lubbock. All three were intoxicated when they returned home shortly before midnight.

The witness heard a knock on the door and Alcerro-Funez answered it. She heard her brother, Cristobal, ask the victim where Michelle was. She said she  heard the two men arguing.

She stated that she stepped in between the two and the victim told Resendez to go home. The two men began fist fighting, according to the report.

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