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Commissioners vote to donate land to city.

County commissioners on Monday donated two blocks of property to the city as the site for a future fire station.

The officials took that action with one caveat that was suggested by Commissioner Larry Carter.

Carter said the land would be deeded back to the county if the city does not use the land for a new fire station.

The property, which is part of the site of the old junior high school, is catty-corner to the city’s current fire station at Fifth Street and Avenue F.

It runs east for two blocks between Fifth and Fourth streets. 

Commissioner J.L. ‘Whitey Barnett’ made the motion to give the land to the city. It passed 3-0.

The county will approve a contract on the land with Carter’s recommendation at a later date.

City Manager Rick Osburn had asked the council to consider donating the land to the city as a site for a station. It could be two-three years – and possibly more – before the city takes action on a new station. Part of the land could also be used by the police department.

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