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Petition drive ends on alcohol election

A petition drive may have  garnered enough signatures for a special election to be called to legalize the sale of alcohol in Levelland.

City Secretary Beth Walls said she has certified 104 signatures as valid voters.

Those signatures were on 16 of the 133 petitions that have been turned in to her office.

Not all of those sheets were completed, though. Each sheet has room for 10 signatures.

At least 684 signatures from qualified city voters must be obtained before a special election can be called.

The petition is for the sale of alcohol for off-premise consumption only.

A group called ‘Levelland Committee for Economic Growth’ submitted an application for the petition drive last month.

The committee paid $35,000 to Texas Petition Strategies Inc. to conduct the drive.

If the drive succeeds, the Levelland City Council would order a special election for May.

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