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SPC regents review annual faculty surveys

The South Plains College faculty earned a top grade from students at the end of the fall term regents learned during Thursday’s monthly meeting.

Regents also learned that spring enrollment on the Levelland campus was 6,001, exactly the same as it was in the spring last year with enrollment still underway. 

They also saw a demonstration of the college’s new online scholarship application process during the meeting.

Dr. Kelvin Sharp, president, reported that repairs are currently underway at the Natatorium and that the repairmen hope to begin putting water back into the pool late next week and that it should be back in use by or before the first of March.

Faculty graded
Jim Walker, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, provided the summary of faculty evaluations, reporting that students gave the faculty an overall 4.7 grade out of a 5.0 overall high grade. He provided regents copies of the student evaluations in various graph forms.

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