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County cotton crop tops 269,000 bales to date

The 2014-15 cotton ginning season is nearly over, although several gins are still operating.

While weather delays have plagued all gins in the last few months, bale production is up for most gins surveyed compared to the 2013 crop year.

As of Friday, production for  six gins in Hockley County had reached 269,670 bales of cotton.

A year ago, as of Jan. 14, 2014, those gins ended their production runs with nearly 230,000 bales for the season.

United Cotton Growers at Arnett continued its operations late this week.

The gin had a season-to-date total of 103,163 bales as of Friday morning.

UCG had 572 modules in its yard and 359 in area fields that still needed ginning.

The business made 93,215 bales on the 2013 crop.

Long ‘S’ Gin was still producing ginned cotton on Friday, when to-date totals reached 28,433 units.

Long ‘S’ made 17,365 bales on the 2013 crop.

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