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City nets record high sales tax payment

Many taxing entities in Texas got a happy Valentine this month in the form of higher sales tax rebates than a year ago.

The payment that Levelland received was also the highest ever for the city in a single month.

The county seat got a $469,162 check from Austin – up 30.03 percent from last February ís payment of $360,801.

It was based on sales made in December.

City Manager Rick Osburn attributed the increase to confidence on the part of consumers – in spite of a declining oil field economy.

My guess is that people saw the downturn coming,î Osburn said. ìThey went out and spent.

He believes the downturn in the Oil Patch will be felt when sales tax figures come out next month.

We werenít expecting the drop until after December,î he said. ìI expect to see it fall off now.
Mary Siders, Chamber of Commerce president, said that people had more money to spend in December than a year earlier.

I think people had more disposable income, Siders said.

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