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Authorities keeping eye on state gun legislation

Local law enforcement and education officials are taking a wait-and-see attitude on the flurry of gun legislation making its way through Austin.

Senate Bill 17, which would  allow people with concealed handgun licenses to openly carry their firearms is not a big concern, said Levelland Police Chief Toney Cowan.

ìIím not really opposed to the open carry – as long as they have the proper training,î Cowan said. 

If the bill passes, then people who are qualified to carry a handgun openly need to ìfollow the letter of the law.

Cowan said he has already been contacted by several people about the open carry proposal. Some of them believe it is already law.

ìIíve had two or three thatís contacted me,î he said. ìItís not the law (yet).

He added that, if the law passes, it could cause issues. One  possible problem could be an increase in the number of phone calls from citizens about someone carrying a gun.

Cowan said a ì10-32,î or a call that police dispatchers receive about a person with a gun, is one of the most worrisome calls that a police officer can respond to.

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