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Council delays action on alley drainage project

The city council delayed action again Monday on a proposed alley drainage project in the Ridgecrest Addition.

Council members agreed  at the work session/special meeting that more information should be gathered before moving forward on the work.

The alley between Bowie Lane and Crockett Circle was recently surveyed again, said Kendra Hanfeld, an engineer with Parkhill Smith & Cooper.

Hanfeld said the survey showed that the alley has a crown and very little decline as it runs north-to-south to Hickory Street.  The lay of the land indicates that rain water in the area flows west before turning south at the alley and going to Hickory.

She took the council and members of the public through four options concerning the project.

Option 1, which would involve getting the water to flow north to Cactus Drive, would ìbuck the grades of the land. 

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