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Income for producers could dip in 2015

Income for Hockley County producers could be off this year if estimates for 2015 hold true.

Receipts for cotton may be affected the most, according to Wes Utley, county extension agent with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

Utley made that prediction based on his estimate of lower cotton prices in the annual Agricultural Increment report.

Growers this year could receive 60 cents a pound for their fiber this year, down from an estimated 76 cents in 2014.

Hockley County growers could plant 200,000 acres of cotton this spring.

ìI see a lot of cotton going in the ground,î Utley said.

Depressed cotton prices will probably cause some producers to vary their crop mix.

‘I think some guys that are going to cut back on their cotton are not going to go to corn, and will go to grain sorghum because itís better suited for drought,’ he said. ‘If guys do have a little water, they can water that stuff with fewer inputs and make a better crop. It’s not going to win the slot machine deal, but it will pay the bills.’

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