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College raises out-of-district tuition

South Plains Collegeís board of regents agreed Thursday to raise tuition rates for out-of-district students by $8 a semester hour.

The new rates, which will affect over 7,000 students, will  increase tuition to $132 a semester hour. They will go into effect in the fall.

Dr. Kelvin Sharp, college president, said the state has cut annual funding for the college from $17 million at its peak to $12.4 million currently.

ìOur appropriations have continued to drop or flatten out,î Sharp said. ìThe state is not there to help us out.î

The college can only obtain more state funds by increasing student contact hours. SPC has experienced an increase in students at Reese and the Plainview campus, and it should receive about $125,000 more for that this year.

But itís important, Sharp said, that the college continue to support its employees with pay raises to offset rising living costs.

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