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Robert Martin writes first novel, an espionage thriller

Some people write books from the comfort of their study or living room.

Robert ìBobî Martin wrote much of his first published novel while driving.

His espionage thriller ‘The Eastman’ is now available online and will soon hit book stores in the United States.

The novelís main character is Abdul Karmar, a man who loves John Wayne westerns and whose loyalties lie with the highest bidder.

There are three other main characters in the novel.

‘I was always told by my teachers that you need to write about something you know about, so I have a football coach in it,’ said the retired Levelland school superintendent.

Martin, who taught freshman English for two years at the start of his long career in education, learned the value of reading at a young age.

His mother, Elizabeth Martin, was a high school English teacher for many years.

Martin, who wrote two short stories some years ago that were not published, said he began thinking about writing a book last year. He spoke to a friend, who advised him to contact Amazon. He did and they gave him some useful advice.

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