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Ropesville City Council tables action on position

A decision on eliminating the position of city secretary was tabled Thursday by the Ropesville City Council.

Mayor Chris Bratcher said the city could do away with the post and assign duties to other employees.

Municipal Judge Ruben Lemon could take on some administrative duties while municipal court clerk Lydia Allen could tackle some secretarial tasks.

Bratcher said the city is not required to post the positions because it would be ìdissolving one.

Alderman Fred Melton said he was concerned that there could be ìlegal ramificationsî and possible conflict of interests by assigning duties.

Bratcher agreed and said the city needs more information on the issue. The council agreed and tabled the issue.

The council accepted the resignation of City Secretary Mark McDonald on April 30. McDonald worked over five months for the city before resigning.

Council members met briefly in executive session to discuss hiring a water maintenance employee. No action was taken.

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